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Running Gait Analysis

What is running gait analysis?

If you're into your running, you may have heard of something called a gait analysis.

A gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle, or in other words, it’s a tool used to assess the way in which you walk and run. It can be beneficial to identify dysfunctions or inefficiencies which could be contributing to a problem or lead to potential injuries.

Who could benefit from a Running Gait Analysis?

  • Anyone with a current injury or pain with running, or history of chronic pain or injury with running. A detailed analysis of mechanics and assessing any mobility or strength deficits you might have could help relieve pain and get you back to the sport you enjoy!

  • Anyone new to the sport of running. Getting off on the right foot with a good assessment of both your running mechanics and functional measures like movement patterns and strength when starting a running program can help prevent future injury or pain.

  • Anyone looking to improve performance. Examining the details of your running mechanics or identifying mobility issues or strength deficits can help improve efficiency and even help improve speed.

What will happen after my running gait analysis? After your running analysis you will work with a trained therapist to develop a program tailored to your individual needs as a runner and based on the findings from your evaluation.

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