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Sport Related Injury

Returning athletes to their sport quickly.

Almost every athlete will experience an injury at some point in their careers. Competing at any level of athletic activity puts you at risk. Coping with these injuries can be difficult, but with proper care and physical therapy, many athletes can return to the game they love.

Physical therapy is a crucial step in recovering from a sports injury. Not only can it help heal the injury itself, but it also helps rebuild the strength and range of motion necessary to prevent further injury.

Rehabilitation for sports injuries involves several components. These include helping the injury heal while restoring ROM and minimizing pain, maximizing strength to ensure proper stability, and re-learning proper movement to reduce likelihood of future injury.

We understand that injured athletes want to get back to their sport as soon as possible. Our physical therapists understand the urgency that an injury brings to the rehab process, and we understand the importance of keeping you in shape while you recover.

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