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Work Injury & Work Conditioning

What is a work injury?

Any injury, ailment, or illness that is sustained while an employee is on the job can be defined as a work injury. Many occupations pose potentially dangerous situations, such as repetitive motions, prolonged postures, and heavy physical labor that can lead to pain or injury. In the fast and efficient treatment of work injuries, physical therapy has been proven to be extremely successful and reduce or remove the need for potentially dangerous prescription medicine or surgical intervention in many situations.

What is work conditioning?

Work conditioning is a specific and functional program designed to help injured workers return to their normal work duties while reducing risk of re-injury. In developing a customize work conditioning program, our therapists will specifically assess job demands, conditioning, and safety required to fulfill normal job duties. This is designed to bridge the gap between acute care and return to work without restrictions, improving strength, endurance, and positional tolerance necessary for a sustainable and efficient return to work.

What are the Benefits of Work Conditioning?

A work conditioning program gives the referring provider confidence in full recovery following intervention, the employer confidence that the injured worker can safely return to their job, and the injured worker confidence in their ability to perform job demands. This program can help eliminate poor body mechanics that often plague those who return to work without attempting job-specific activities at a job pace. Work conditioning can also help to reduce the likelihood of re-injury to the worker.

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